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July 17, 2013
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HMLS - Gavril Caine [Updated] by ohprocrastinator HMLS - Gavril Caine [Updated] by ohprocrastinator

Name  Gavril Câine
Nickname  Gav
Age  27
Position  Viciu of Area VII
Real Life Job  Vineyard and winery owner
Gender  Male
Weapon  Rapier – Primarily used as thrusting attack in combat and as the media of long-range telekinesis


 Shape-shifting – Gav can shift into living objects (minus plants). Before shifting, he has to scan the subjects in order to learn their gestures and mimic them. He usually do this as defense in combat by shifting into his opponent and confusing them. One of the subjects he can shift easily is hound.
 Telekinesis – Moves any object and matter within the radius of 200 m without having to touch it. The object he moves can only last under control in no less than a minute. Works as well as offense in combat.
 Hypnotizing – All he does is planting negative suggestions of his opponents’ greatest fear in their minds. He can’t plant any order or other assumption. 
 Extra dexterity and speed


Gav was born in a middle-class family in the Romanian suburbs. His father owned a run-of-the-mill winery in town where his mother helped there. His earliest memories were filled with his happy little family. He spent his childhood and adolescent period just like any other. His abilities were discovered as he made fun to his parents by moving objects and shifting and all. His father and mother was tremendously scared of him being a magus, but they remained silent and tried to protect their only son. Nevertheless, his identity as magus was eventually leaked throughout the neighborhood and the residents attacked Gav’s house, setting it on fire. He luckily escaped the fire and ran away, but his parents didn’t make it.

A relative helped Gav to gather his live once again by supporting him financially. With his fair intellegence, he managed to enroll to university on scholarship. Once he graduated, he took over his father’s winery and developed it. As his business outgrew, his competitors did dirty jobs and tackled him in not only in debt but also defamation. In his grief, a boy appeared and offered an aid for little exchange – he had to join HMLS. Gav had no idea where’d the boy know his identity as a magus, but he accepted the deal after all. When he opened his eyes next morning, all of his competitors were found defeated. Gratitude led Gav to join HMLS and respect Joulle even more. For him, the little winery was the only momento left by his parents. Family had taken a great role in his life, though he only experienced it for a short time.

Gav personally hates fights. He hates losing the ones he trusts, but seeing his comrade’s grief of losing others simply hurts him more. After the war, he has decided be stronger, less selfish, and not to lose his comrades ever again. His personality soften and he tries to be more understanding. 

 Composed. He riddiculously remains calm in any situation. He calculates his movements carefully and doesn't react in vain.
 He is quite attentive and is willing to help others.
 Likes to tease people and chuckles a lot.
ᴥ Orderly. He may be a bit perfectionist over some stuffs.
 He tries to open more for the ones he trust, because he isn't going to lose them anymore.


 Practically picky regarding food –he only wants food which satisfy him.
 Has a strong sense of taste and smell.
 Is tolerable to high amount of alcohol.
 Has a German Shepherd as pet, the name’s Haydn.
 Loves postmodern novels and jazz music
 He bids rare wines at auctions sometimes, simply out of curiosity.
 185 cm / 70 kg.
 Gavril is Romanian version of Gabriel and câine literally means hound.
 His seiyuu is Sugita Tomokazu //slap


One thing or another led Gav to join Lecter for meals as he discovered Lecter's cooking to be truly impeccable. 

Gav often visits the bookstore where Dyera works.

Cousins. Gav's father and Niko's mom are siblings.

Joulle Costache
Gav respects him as the leader and all of his strive. Joulle is also his personal fashion stylist //no

Fellows with mutual hobbies.

Voix Moreau
Culinary-hopping fellow. They often hunt fine cuisine together. Gav also visit Voix's cake shop frequently.


Quote  “Fighting someone means taking something dear from them.”

Previous applications :

AND SO YEAH---- Another attempt to revamp this uncle hshshshshshs. His hair grows shorter within each revamp he'll eventually get bald //slap I want him to look more mature so yeah---
I tried a new coloring style but it affected his color palette way too much hahaha sorry Gav :iconrazycryplz:
I edited his history a bit and also added a seiyuu and character song //slap well I always feel way too emotional when it comes to song LMAO
And please do tell if I miss any of his relationships sobs I actually want to RP more with you guys sobs //slap

Gavril © ohprocrastinator
Rapier ref from Google
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Ninih Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
He looks like such a nice man but I bet that in a fight he would be able to tear the enemy to pieces from the abilities you gave him.
Also I like his surname. Caine=dog :D!
ohprocrastinator Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
Awwwwww thanks soooo much! Glad you like him!
Asterisk-Sky Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
that stare... sgdkfajlgf

can i steal and run away bringing him :iconlazeplz:/DIBUANGMASYARAKAT 
ohprocrastinator Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014
kyaaaa makasih sonaaaa! :icontearplz:
LOL boleh aja tapi bayar ke aku yaaa //ngek
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sugita tomokazu seiyuunya hngg /pret
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